Doing Things, Making Stuff

by Kayla Dreisinger | Learning/Creating

Posted on May 15th, 2017

Recently, I've been motivated to make things with my hands in addition to my brain. I'm living in a house with four other people and three animals. It can difficult to get space and time to decompress alone. I've always thought of my room as a place to sleep, invite lovers to, and do handstands against my door. I don't like hanging out in my room just because, but at this point it's become a necessity to get any alone time. As such, I've decided to de-clutter and re-arrange. Essentially I got rid of all the "things" I don't use and don't like that end up collecting dust.

This included, the ten candles I never light, my dog's toys he never plays with, old records of medical bills and insurance payments that I never reference... you get the idea. I also have a bookshelf completely overflowing with books - that I do like to have readily available. So I'm thinking about my space and I decide I need a desk. I don't know where I'll put it, but all of the sudden I must have one.

The first(s) of many things I hope to make:

1) Desk

When creating my new desk these were the steps I ran through in my brain:

  1. Inventory currently available resources.
  2. Brainstorm creative ways to utilize such resources.
  3. Find additional materials needed
  4. Combine all of the above to make something useful and pleasing to the eye.

So I started with two stacks of books that were ~ 3 ft high and a stool that somehow miraculously fits into that stack perfectly. Next I grabbed a 2ft by 4ft wooden board doing nothing in our backyard. It was a lightweight flimsy board of very little substance, but I thought it would definitely do! Attempt one simply consisted of two stacks of books with this wood plank across it. I liked the way it looked, I liked that it showed off my book collection. Outside of that, it wasn't functional. Bummer. I still wanted a desk and I wanted it now... my solution to get out of beta mode and into V1 was simple. First, I bought a thicker 2x4 that could bear my weight when slouching over the desk. Second, I added some support to the base of books. In the form of crate boxes! It was the perfect fit and now I'm writing this from my very own desk... #proud.

2) Light

I decided I must have a light near my new workspace. I like the exposed light bulb look and wanted to utilize my limited space effectively, and thus I concluded that the light must hang from my ceiling in order to be out of the way but still of value. Since I was on a mission at Home Depot this particular Friday night at 9:30pm, I needed to make some friends that worked there before the shop closed. I roped in a man named Rafa and together, we built a light. He told me from the beginning that he would point me in the right direction but that I was the one that would actually have to "do the work". Fine by me!

3) Vision Board

Last week one of my friends asked me where I wanted to be in five years. I casually told him living in a van, working remote, and being a nomad somewhere in South America... let's be honest, I think that's pretty darn close to every millennial's dream. But upon leaving his place I quickly realized, I have no concrete steps or plans of actions to get me there. I was unused to being asked this question outside the context of a job interview that I probably didn't want to begin with. Regardless, my ideas are abundant but acting on them is negligent. This compounded with the fact that I'm turning 25 next month totally freaked me out and sent me into a downwards spiral. After I got over myself (finally) I decided to create my first ever vision board and align my focus. I glued my real and true long-term goals on one said and painted the reverse side with magnetic glue. I ended up using the magnetic side for short term goals that are quickly evolving.

4) Easel

Prior to creating this vision board I was realizing that the 4x2 I originally got to be the surface of my desk, simply wasn't cutting it. Every time I'd put my weight on it the board would concave towards that point.... so annoying. Thus I decided to use the piece as the background for my vision board! Additionally, I decided I wanted to look at the board every day and needed a space for it. I didn't have any space so I made an easel!!! I'm pretty proud of this one because I feel like it's multifunctional and serves a few purposes. Should I want to work on something else, I know have a standing easel where I can bring future visions to life - #winning!

For what seems like my first time making things, ever, I'll take these first few pieces as a success.


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