by Kayla Dreisiner | Reading

Trying not to fall in love exploring the mountains in Switzerland and Italy.

by Kayla Dreisiner | Reading

Relishing in Freud and Junf from the streets of Madrid.

September Books: History!
by Kayla Dreisiner | Reading

Decided to dive into a subject previously consideed 'boring'. Learned to brew beer along the way!

Reccomended Reading: Health
by Kayla Dreisiner | Reading

Tools to put together a training plan and nutrition info after your extended fast.

Stoic Philosophy
by Kayla Dreisiner | Reading

This month I dived into a subject I've loved for quite some time.

5 Physics Books
Programming Fundamentals
by Kayla Dreisiner | Web Development

A recap of what I'm learning and studying as I work through Udacity's Nanodegree!

5 Physics Books
My ~Month of Reading Physics
by Kayla Dreisiner | Reading

I tackled a challenging topic of physics this month. It took me a little more than a month to get through this ambitious goal. Read more to learn how I struggled through and what I gained.

5 Physics Books
Doing Things, Making Stuff
by Kayla Dreisiner | Creating/Learning

Experienced a moment of motivation and quickly transformed my space.

Canadian Mountains
April Books, Duh!
by Kayla Dreisiner | Reading

This month I gained insight to some of my favorite people.

Ten Tips: Backlinking Strategy
by Kayla Dreisinger | SEO

Ten tips that I implement Quick & informative read - Highly reccomend!

March Reading Re-Cap
by Kayla Dreisinger | Reading

This month I was lucky enough to work from the beach.

Books on a bed
February Reading Re-Cap
by Kayla Dreisinger | Reading

Brief collection of some thoughts on the books I read this month.

A Note on my Blogs
by Kayla Dreisinger | Reflection

Creating > Perfection.

Technology stock photo
The Four Step Approach to an SEO Website Audit
by Kayla Dreisinger | SEO

A thorough approach to the SEO audit process where you can choose which elements to asses for your client.

Fuck You Foto Series
by Kayla Dreisinger | Creative Process

Exploration of my creative process initially motivated by an ex-partner.

January, Book(S) of the Month.
by Kayla Dreisinger| Reading

A quick overview of this month's four books.

Recap of ASOP Photography One
by Kayla Dreisinger | Photography

This post dives into concepts, techniques, history, and equipment in photography. It summarizes a local class I took in Austin last fall.