Floating Fields

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Welcome to Floating Fields

Floating Fields Farm is located in Buda, just 10 miles south of Austin and on the edge of the Hill Country and Coastal Plains. This spring we will offer leafy greens and herbs from the aquaponic systems. Through the summer and fall we will expand our offerings to include everything from tomatoes and peppers to squash, melons, cucumbers, and more. We take great pride in growing organically and sustainably; our crops are all non-GMO and over 90% are heirloom varieties (including some Texas classics). You can find us at the Buda Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Weekday afternoons stop by the Farm Stand for a visit, or check out our blog and get to know your farmers!

We're Here for you!

Please feel free to stop by our farm to say hello, learn about what we're doing, and of course pick up something for dinner. Keep an eye out for announcements and events.

Farm Stand

Opening April 26th (Earth Day)

Monday - Friday 8:00-5:00

761 Old Black Colony Road Buda, Texas


“To sustainably grow a farm which provides wholesome food and educational opportunities to enrich and enliven our community.”

Full Time Team

Kyle N.

A naturalist from birth with degrees in biochemistry and p, Kyle loves the beautiful complexity and stunning simplicity of life. His departure from medicine arose out of a desire to affect the most positive change in an increasingly disconnected world, and since he has farmed organically along the eastern seaboard and across the southern United States. As the founding farmer, Kyle nurtured Floating Fields from idea to reality. He is committed to developing the farm into a thriving hub of food and knowledge for the community that supports it.

James C.

One-third farmer, one-third musician, one-third big heart, James uplifts spirits and makes work easy with a big smile on his face. His permaculture interests range from aquaponics to chickens to mushrooms and beyond.

Jim W.

Jim has spent the last ten years living off the land in Hawaii. His expertise and attention to detail are in great demand on the farm’s many new projects. Personally, Jim is captivated by the magic of life sprouting from a humble seed.

Stephanie C.

A Hays native, Steph has worked on farms from Texas to California and beyond. She cares for seedlings and animals deeply and finds peace in the field tending crops and communing with butterflies.

Matt T.

A nomad at heart, Matt traveled much of the West Coast before returning home to Texas to apply his knowledge and experience in sustainability and agriculture. Matt enjoys seeing the connection between farming and food, with more senses than one!

Jamie J.

Jamie applies her experience with aquatic ecosystems to keeping the fish, plants, and microbes in our aquaponic systems happy and healthy. She enjoys identifying insects and all things tiny under the microscope, and monitoring the water chemistry for imbalances.